Top Horror: The Authors' Choice

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Joan Aiken, "Power Cut"

Michael Avallone, "Sweet Violets"

Michael Bishop, "Seasons of Belief"

Robert Bloch, "The Masterpiece"

Ray Bradbury, "The Emissary"

Marion Zimmer Bradley, "Treason of the Blood"

Gary Brandner, "Julian's Hand"

John Brunner, "The Last Lonely Man"

Ramsey Campbell, "Mackintosh Willie"

Richard Deming, "Too Gloomy for Private Pushkin"

Thomas M. Disch, "The Foetus"

Stanley Ellin, "The House Party"

David Ely, "Always Home"

Dennis Etchison, "It Only Comes Out at Night"

Alan Dean Foster and Jane Cozart, "The Chair"

Howard Goldsmith, "Homecoming"

Ron Goulart, "Groucho"

Harry Harrison, "At Last, the True Story of Frankenstein"

Edward D. Hoch, "The Faceless Thing"

Hans Holzer, "The Second Coming of Anna"

Stephen King, "Cat From Hell"

Fritz Leiber, "Belsen Express"

Brian Lumley, "The House of Cthulu"

John Lutz, "Wriggle"

Barry N. Malzberg, "Transfer"

Larry Niven, "Night on Mispec Moor"

Josh Pachter, "Crank Call"

Bill Pronzini, "Peekaboo"

Pamela Sargent, "The Old Darkness"

Henry Slesar, "The Intruder"

Pauline C. Smith, "Last Rites"

Karl Edward Wagner, "Sticks"

Stephen Wasylyk, "Die, George!"

Manly Wade Wellman, "Up Under the Roof"

George Zebrowski, "The Alternate"


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