Top Crime: The Authors' Choice

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Isaac Asimov, "Out of Sight"

Michael Avallone, "Every Litter Bit Hurts"

Gary Brandner, "Parlor Game"

Leslie Charteris, "The Pearls of Peace"

Stanley Ellin, "The Specialty of the House"

Michael Gilbert, "The Unstoppable Man"

Joe Gores, "Goodbye, Pops"

Patricia Highsmith, "The Terrapin"

Edward D. Hoch, "The Leopold Locked Room"

James Holding, "Second Talent"

H.R.F. Keating, "Gup"

Peter Lovesey, "The Locked Room"

Florence V. Mayberry, "Woman Trouble"

Ed McBain, "First Offense"

Patricia McGerr, "Somebody's Telling the Truth"

Francis M. Nevins, Jr., "Black Spider"

Josh Pachter, "Invitation to a Murder"

Bill Pronzini, "Proof of Guilt"

Ellery Queen, "The Adventure of Abraham Lincoln's Clue"

Georges Simenon, "Seven Little Crosses in a Notebook"

Henry Slesar, "The Right Kind of a House"

Julian Symons, "A Theme for Hyacinth"

Lawrence Treat, "L as in Loot"

Janwillem van de Wetering, "A Great Sight"


NOTE: The Dutch edition contained the following additional stories:


William Brittain, "The Man Who Read John Dickson Carr"

Stanley Cohen, "I'm Sorry, Mr. Griggs"

Dorothy Salisbury Davis, "The Purple is Everything"

Richard Deming, "The Choice"

Robert Edward Eckels, "Bread Upon the Waters"

Harlan Ellison, "In the Fourth Year of the War"

David Ely, "The Light in the Villa"

Dan J. Marlowe, "The Girl Who Sold Money"

Frank Sisk, "The Hogarth Plates"

Lillian de la Torre, "The Blackamoor Unchain'd"

James Yaffe, "Mom Remembers"

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