"Lucifer Falls"

I had stories in Volume 1 and Volume 2 of Michael Bracken's Mickey Finn anthology series, sat out Volume 3, and returned for Volume 4 with this story.

"Lucifer Falls" is a one-off, told in the first person by a top editor at a top New York publishing house. He's unhappily married, and when he and his trophy wife Lucille take a vacation in upstate NY's Finger Lakes region, he has some tough decisions to make about his (and her, and their) future.

Lucifer Falls is a real waterfall in Robert H. Treman State Park, and Laurie and I were there during an anniversary trip to Conesus Lake in 2021. I often write stories set in places we've visited, and that's what happened here after unlike the couple in the story we both returned home safe and sound. I played around some with the story's layout: since the narrator is an editor, I included some editorial "notes to self," which Michael originally thought I'd left in by mistake! Fortunately, he sent me a proof to check pre-publication, and I was able to tell him those notes are actually part of the story!

Mickey Finn 4 was published by Down and Out Books in December 2023.

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