"Message from Lowanda"

Kind of a silly code story involving baseball and binary math.

On page 5, there's a head shot of me and a brief bio: "JOSH PACHTER, a man of many talents, began his professional writing career at the age of 15. Although a great deal of his work is published in America, outside of his current home in Erlangen, West Germany, Mr. Pachter's work also appears throughout Europe. He has recently undertaken the translation of several stories from Dutch into English."

Actually, I was 16 when I started, not 15, and, although I would move to Erlangen in 1988, at this point I was living in Hagenau, a bedroom community about 10 minutes north of Erlangen.

The stories I translated were by Janwillem van de Wetering, and the second of them, "There Goes Ravelaar!." was nominated for an Edgar in 1986.

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