"The Theft of the Spy Who"


"One indication that an author and his characters have 'come of age,' have 'arrived,' is when another author writes the first parody or pastiche. Here is that 'sincerest form of flattery,' a respectful imitation of Edward D. Hoch's Nick Velvet (changed to Vic Nelvet) and the Double-C man, Rand (now Bland), with Captain Leopold (Captain Leo Pold) thrown in for full measure. Have a happy...."

This was my fifth appearance in EQMM, and the first time I was listed on the cover. The story was packaged in an interesting way, sandwiched between two of Ed Hoch's, one featuring Nick Velvet and the other featuring C. Geoffrey Rand.

In January of 1985, Ed and I would again be linked together in the pages of EQMM, this time as co-authors of "The Spy and the Suicide Club," a Rand story.

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