"Stinking Plaster"

by Bavo Dhooge

I thought it would be interesting to translate something out of Flemish instead of Dutch, for a change, so I did some research online and found my way to Bavo Dhooge, who burst onto the crime-fiction scene in 2001 in Belgium and has in the years since then published more than 70 books and won numerous awards.

In December of 2013, Bavo invited me to work with him on a book he was writing for the American market. This time, he wanted me to be not just a translator but a collaborator, and the result, a zombie-cop novel titled Styx, is scheduled for publication by Simon & Schuster's new Simon451 imprint in the spring of 2015.

Bavo seems like a fascinating guy, and Laurie and I are looking forward to spending some time with him and his wife when we're in Ghent in the summer of 2014!

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