"The Bunker"

by Herbert De Paepe

"With his co-author Els Depuydt (as "De Paepe and Depuydt"), Herbert De Paepe has written several suspense novels and been nominated for two top crime-fiction awards. The duo have collaborated on short stories, too, including two previously translated for EQMM. This time, De Paepe goes solo in a tale about a real Civil Defense bunker in Ghent, Belgium."

I translated those two De Paepe and Depuydt stories for EQMM -- "Garage 27" and "The End of the Line" -- but when Herbert and Els decided to go their separate ways and Els came out with a solo novel, Herbert wanted to get something of his own in print, too. He sent me "The Bunker," I liked it a lot, I translated it, Janet Hutchings bought it for EQMM, and here it is!

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