"Garage 27"

by De Paepe & Depuydt

"Herbert De Paepe and Els Depuydt both live in Ghent, Belgium, where he works as a journalist and she as a civil servant. They have collaborated on three suspense novels. The second, Black Water (2013), was nominated for two prestigious awards: Belgium's Diamond Bullet and Holland's Golden Noose. Their third collaboration, Tarantula (2015), is set in the Amazonian rain forest. A fourth novel is slated for 2016."

Belgian authors Herbert De Paepe and Els Depuydt write thrillers together as De Paepe & Depuydt. At the time they wrote "Garage 27," Els was actually living in the apartment building described in the story, with a balcony looking out on the row of garages. You can read the first couple of pages here.

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