"The Final Analysis"

by Luciano Sívori

"This story by Luciano Sívori, of Bahia Blanca, Argentina, made its way to us in a remarkable way. As a boy the author found some EQMMs from the 1970s in his parents' attic. One contained a story by Josh Pachter that affected him profoundly—so much so that, many years later, he blogged about it. While searching the Internet for pirated reprints of his stories, Josh chanced upon the Sívori post. He wrote to thank his admirer, discovered that the young engineer was also a writer (author of the novel El Alma Dividida), and, although his Spanish is mostly from school days, offered to translate a Sivori story. The result speaks for itself!"

The story Luciano Sívori read as a child was "Invitation to a Murder," from the August 1972 issue of EQMM. And the blog post (in Spanish) that ultimately led to my translation of Luciano's "The Final Analysis" for EQMM's "Passport to Crime" department is here.

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