"I Spy: A Writer Remembers Espionage Magazine"

Sometime around the middle of 2017, my friend Michael Bracken was asked to write an essay about the long-lamented Espionage magazine for Richard Krauss' excellent twice-a-year publication, The Digest Enthusiast. Michael said he'd be happy to do it, but recommended that Richard ask me, instead, since I had more of a history with Espionage.

I wrote the piece, and Richard really played it up, with my name prominently displayed on the cover of Issue #7 and almost a page of news about my recent publications -- plus a photo of me with my "Noir at the Bar" sword -- at the front of the book. The article itself is profusely illustrated, and immediately after it there's a review of the first issue of Wildside Press' Black Cat Mystery Magazine, including paragraphs about each of my two contributions, "Eb and Flo" and "The ABCs of Murder."

Later the same year, Mystery Readers Journal editor Janet Rudolph announced that her Summer 2018 issue would be titled "Spies and Secret Agents," and I asked her if she'd be interested in reprinting my article. She was, and she did -- though without the numerous cover illustrations included in the original Digest Enthusiast version.

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