A Beasty Bridge

by Peter Van Gught and Studio Vandersteen

My fourth Suske en Wiske translation into English, the second to appear in print. Like Auntie Biotica, it's not part of the regular Suske en Wiske series and is not available for purchase. Instead, it was commissioned by the Flemish Department of Environmental and Spatial Development in cooperation with the Infra Eco Network Europe for free distribution in support of the construction of ecoducts to allow wild animals to cross over highways safely.

In the story, Suske en Wiske (renamed Luke and Lucy for English-language readers by the publisher) are magically transformed into forest animals in order to convince the Big Boss — ruler of the Wheelies — that animal lives matter.

Suske en Wiske titles are usually alliterative, and this one was originally called Het Beestige Brug, which I translated as The Beastly Bridge. I like Beasty better than Beastly, but I would have preferred The to A.

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