"The Case File: Our Writers Remember"

In 2016, Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine celebrated its 60th anniversary, and editor Linda Landrigan asked me to write a reminiscence of long-ago editor Ernie Hutter for the last issue of the year. My contribution runs about a page, and is included in a section that also features pieces by Ron Goulart, John Lutz, John H. Dirckx, Charles Ardai and Brian Cox.

One of the things I mention is that my debut sale to Ernie "Crank Call," which appeared in the September 1972 issue was also the first (and, until now, only) time my byline showed up in both AHMM and EQMM in the same month. Oddly enough, this article technically marks the second time that's happened, since my translation of Hilde Vandermeeren's "Stranger in the Night" is in the December 2016 issue of Queen's.

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