"The Qatar Causeway"

Having lived in Holland from 1979 through 1982, I decided to give Mahboob a case that would bring him into Bahrain's Dutch community. At the time, a Dutch construction company was building the most expensive stretch of roadway anywhere in the world, a 7-mile causeway connecting Bahrain to Saudi Arabia, and I decided to blow the bridge up and have Mahboob investigate the crime.

AHMM editor Cathleen Jordan liked the story, but was uncomfortable with the real-world setting, so she asked me to shift the causeway project to another Bahraini location. There's only one other place where a bridge connecting Bahrain to the mainland could go, though, and that's why the published version of the story is called "The Qatar Causeway." (The fictitious construction project is referred to in the story as "the second most expensive stretch of highway in the world," which was my tip of the hat to the actual Saudi Causeway. I also gave myself my second-ever Hitchcockian cameo: when Mahboob and Dutch policeman Roelof Smit have dinner together at the Star of Paradise, a Pakistani restaurant, the Dutchman orders a bowl of beef rogan josh.)

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